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Our mission is to introduce and re-introduce travelers to Haiti's rich history, vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes.  

Our adventures are great for the traveler looking to reconnect with their Haitian roots or in search of year-round tropical weather.  

Ann Alé! (Let's Go!)




HaitiBound is truly an adventure to experience.  You will not be disappointed.  I certainly was not.  A well-planned itinerary, very comfortable accommodations, amazingly delicious food at every location, amazing HaitiBound hosts - an experience of a lifetime.  A lot is packed in a very short timeframe but one never feels rushed and in fact, there is plenty of time allocated for R&R.  I enjoyed my HaitiBound experience and can’t wait to go on my next one. 
— Papa Andoh
My friends and I were looking for a real Haiti experience. HaitiBound was exactly what we wanted. Authentic adventures rich in culture. We’re already planning our next trip.
— Omar Kirkland

I’ve been searching for a group of like minded individuals to help me discover the beauty of Haiti and Haitibound does this well with an amazing balance of education and pleasure. A vacation and educational experience all rolled into one. I’m addicted. I found this group a little over a year ago and have been to Haiti 3 times since with them. You don’t have to think because they take care of all the logistics. There were times on this trip where I had no idea of what day it was. I love that this group is open to all people and not just Haitian Americans.
— Marie Michaelle

DISCOVER Haiti with a group of people who will soon become fast friends.  You'll Experience a culture rich in history and promise.  Join us on one of our adventures and embark on a journey filled with memorable moments.  Before you know it, you'll join a number of travelers who cannot wait to share their Haiti stories.    

Lead Host and Founder:

emmanuel Bellegarde

It will be my pleasure to introduce you to the best Haiti has to offer.  The country is home to diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, cuisine that is second to none and of course experiences that will last you a lifetime.  

Join us on your next vacation!


We have summer mornings year-round.  Return travelers save on trip packages - membership has its benefits - Join us!

Make new friends and memories to last a lifetime!

Make new friends and memories to last a lifetime!